Nicki Minaj – “Hard White” (Official Music Video)

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Published: 31/01/2019

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Nicki Minaj Goes Goth In Spooky ‘Hard White’ Video

Nicki Minaj is a dark empress in the new video for her icy Queen track “Hard White.” The Mike Ho-directed clip, which was released on Thursday night (Jan. 31), opens with a regal Minaj strutting down a neon sidewalk in the dark using a glittering silver cape before jumping to a dark picture of her in a flowing, goth-y black dress with a spiky crown on her head.

” Work hard just to get half back/ (Used to) work hard just to get half back/ (Now I’m) gettin’ to it that way/ Straight up, directly,” Minaj raps over the grinding! Illmind beat. A bit early for Halloween, the American Horror Story-style visual is filled with spooky imagery, from dead crows with bleeding beaks to rows of invested shell casings and groups of ashen-faced zombies. Through all of it, Minaj sits on a throne in her silver Gaultier metal bodysuit and embraces the worth of grinding while the undead wince around her.

Nicki Minaj Released Her New ‘Hard White Video’ And It May Take Aim At Drake

The previous few weeks have been extremely silent for the Barbs, Nicki Minaj’s faithful fans, as the rapper has kept a low profile on social networks, just appearing a few weeks ago to participate on the # 10YearChallenge, and then today to announce the music video for her Queen single “Hard White.” In the wee hours of Thursday night, the “Hard White” video dropped and naturally, Twitter increased in flames.

Numerous people believed “Hard White” was directed at Minaj’s longtime enemy, Cardi B, thanks to lyrics like “I ain’t ever have to strip to get the pole position,” as Cardi used to be a stripper but Minaj debunked those reports in an interview with Zane Lowe. While Minaj may not have actually taken a shot at Cardi on “Hard White,” fans were quick to hypothesize that the video included a subtle shot at another rapper: Drake.

In a blink-and-you’ll- miss-it minute at the 1:33 mark in the video, a scorpio appears and after that gets ripped to pieces. Twitter theorists believe this is a clear shot at Drake since his last studio album was entitled Scorpion and his zodiac indication is a scorpio.

Nicki Minaj throwing shade at Drake in the “Hard White” video #HardWhiteVEVO

Nicki Minaj Shaded Drake In Her “Hard White” Music Video, According To Fans On Twitter

Nicki Minaj just dropped her music video for “Hard White,” and let’s just say there’s a lot to take in the 3-minute, 14-second work of art– including, of course, a hint of shade. “Hard White” delivers on every item in this winning recipe, due to the fact that Nicki Minaj shaded Drake in her “Hard White” music video, according to fans on Twitter.

If you’re not knowledgeable about Minaj’s “Hard White,” it’s everything about Minaj attending to that back in the day, throughout her shown up, she would need to work twice as hard simply to get half back in return. The lyrics of the track really start:

Now that you understand everything about the song, have a look at the video listed below:
Did you find the expected Drake shade Twitter is going on about? Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in if you didn’t capture it.

The expected subtle jab at Drake appears at the 1:33 mark when a whole, freaky AF scorpion appears on screen in the sand and is instantly dismembered into multiple pieces in the blink of an eye. And warning: If you’re remotely scared of bugs, you’re gon na wish to cover your eyes at this moment, due to the fact that this thing looks, like I stated, freaky.

And here it remains in its dismembered state:

Twitter is discovering this little blink-and-you’ll- miss-it moment shady because, well, Drake has a whole album called Scorpion, so this visual seems a bit too indicated be a coincidence.

The majority of fans are eating the dubious minute up, no questions asked.
While other fans are simply wondering, “Why the shade?”

Nicki Minaj did shade Drake on her other hit track “Barbie Dreams” when she rapped, “Drake worth a hundred mill, he always buyin’ me sh * t/ But I do not know if the p * ssy damp or if he cryin’ and sh * t.”.

Yeah, that’s absolutely very dubious. Minaj has actually stated in follow-up interviews that the Drake diss in “Barbie Dreams” was never ever suggested to be taken too seriously.

” With ‘Barbie Dreams,’ you people do understand that is not a diss? You do know that individuals I stated on ‘Barbie Dreams’ … I stated things about people who I understand can take a joke and who I understand can’t be psychological with it,” she clarified in an interview on Beats 1.

I indicate, a lot can alter in the five months between when Minaj’s Queen album dropped in August and now. Does Minaj believe that she works two times as hard as Drake to get half back?

There’s more. There’s a scene where Minaj seems to call out The Recording Academy when she raps, “I’m the prize of the video game, everybody tryna win me,” as a Grammy award appears on the screen. If you remember, Nicki didn’t earn any Grammy nominations for her Queen album. You understand who did? Cardi B and Drake.

Nicki Minaj Seemingly Shades Drake And The Grammys In Hard White Music Video.

Another Friday, another music video throwing shade.

Nicki Minaj’s music video for her Queen track, “Hard White,” officially dropped on Friday and, regarding be anticipated, it right away got the Internet chattering, deciphering and collecting any perhaps shady moments to even more dissect.

Possibly the most convenient to miss out on was what appeared to be a shot taken at Drake in the form of a scorpion in pieces. Not to fret, eagle-eyed fans focused on the split-second images (blink and you can miss the 2 fast shots) and spilled the tea on Twitter.

As Minaj raps “Got these b– es shook, they stunned, no stun gun” in the visual, a scorpion appears completely kind and after that in pieces in the following frames, apparently a nod to Drake, whose fifth studio album was titled Scorpion.

” Just killed another career, it’s a mild day. #hardwhite #endeddrake,” one fan tweeted.
” Finish him,” another wrote online, along with a clip of the moment. “#HardWhite #HardWhiteMusicVideo.”.

Hoever, it’s uncertain if Minaj is dissing her fellow rapper or just having some fun. She likewise name-dropped Drake on “Barbie Dreams,” rapping “Drake worth a hundred milli, constantly purchasing me s– t/But I don’t understand if the p– y wet though or if he sobbing and s– t.”.

” With ‘Barbie Dreams,’ you men do know that is not a diss? You do know that individuals I stated on ‘Barbie Dreams’ … I said features of individuals who I know can take a joke and who I understand can’t be emotional with it,” she previously clarified on Beats 1.

Happy Friday, Nicki Minaj simply dropped her video for “Hard White” and it is … something else!

Naturally, it took fans roughly two seconds to read into each and every single detail and develop a theory that Nicki is shading trashing DESTROYING her one-time friend Drake.

And as anybody who’s extremely much in Drake’s feelings understands, Scorpion is the name of his 5th studio album. And, um, Nicki literally revealed one of these animals getting crushed to death.

Any person else peep the scorpion #NickiMinaj #Drake #HardWhiteVIDEO

Was @NICKIMINAJ sending shots at Drake #HardWhiteVIDEO
DRAKE ENDED BY QUEEN NICKI #HardWhiteMusicVideo #NickiMinaj

RIP, Drake! However wait, there’s more: Fans likewise believe this dead bird represents Cardi B.

Did Nicki Minaj Just Shade Drake In Her New ‘Hard White’ Video?
Does Nicki Minaj have a couple of more things to leave her chest?
The video for her track Hard White officially dropped on Friday, and the web has lots of thoughts about a few visuals. They seem to take a direct chance at on-again, off-again rap bestie Drake, along with the Grammys, who notoriously snubbed Miz Minaj in this year’s nominations.

Related: Nicki Takes Aim At Ex Meek Mill During Concert, Threatens To Expose ‘Secrets’.
The rap queen’s never ever been one to hide her sensations. Who could forget when she came for everybody’s neck on Barbie Dreams? It’s been reasonably peaceful between Nicki and Drizzy as of late, so the really subtle jab at the Toronto rapper in her new video certainly caught the attention of fans.

In case you have not seen it yet, peep Nicki carrying her inner Hades, Goddess of the Underworld (listed below):.

You can actually blink and miss it, but Twitter has been ablaze over a quick frame where a scorpion appears completely, and after that is squashed to pieces in the following frame (below), all while Nicki’s line, “Got these bitches shook, they stunned, no stun weapon” plays:.

Drake’s last studio album was entitled Scorpion, so very little to dissect there! And thanks to a fan on Twitter, you can see the Queen rap artist’s jab at the Recording Academy (listed below):.

grammy is over #HardWhiteVideo
— jaime (@pinkdinasty_) February 1, 2019.

Ha !! Take that Grammys!
Now as we previously pointed out, Nicki took chance ats much of her peers on Barbie Dreams, however later clarified that all of her “disses” were just jokes, targeted at buddies in the game who she knew might take a joke.

However enjoy the video back and you’ll also see a fast frame of a dead bird, which some fans could translate as a nod to her enduring fight with Cardi B, so possibly it isn’t just a joke? See for yourself (listed below):.

Ideas on the video for Hard White, Perezcious readers? Do U believe Nicki is taking chance ats Drake and Cardi once again?

Nicki Minaj Releases Visual For Hard White [WATCH] Nicki Minaj required to Instagram to tease the visuals for the single Hard White. The Queens rapper previewed a special behind the scenes clip with the cast and team of the video rapping parts of the song. The clip is only eleven seconds long however that’s more then sufficient time to realize Nicki is ready to release some heat.

#HardWhite on VEVO @ midnight.
A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj) on Jan 31, 2019 at 8:48 am PST.

As guaranteed, Nicki dropped the video, directed by Mike Ho, one of the very first visuals revealed is Minaj sitting on the tossed. Fans suggested that symbolically it could represent the rap thrown as Nicki has actually been challenged by the likes of Remy Ma and Cardi B.

When the Queen album first premiered lots of thought that “Hard White” was about Cardi B however Nicki cleared up the reports by specifying that the song was made before the infamous beef in between her and Cardi started. Minaj frequently describes herself as the “bad man” and that appears to be the primary theme of the video as it includes gothic figures surrounding Nicki as she seduces the cam.

Nicki Minaj Drops “Hard White” Music Video.

Nicki Minaj just dropped the futuristic video for “Hard White,” a reward cut off her 2018 platinum-selling album, Queen.

With visuals that fit perfectly with her marvelous bars, Nick claims her throne in a futuristic setting while leaking in the cocky self-confidence we’ve pertained to like from the Young Money rap artist.

” Partying in Paris, these bitches is ashamed/ ‘Cause they know I’m the queen, I still didn’t select an heiress,” Nicki spits on the Boi-1da and!/ You the muthafuckin’ fairest, Nicki!”.

Last month, Queen was accredited platinum by the RIAA after less than six months considering that its release. Coincidentally, Nicki’s Young Money manager Lil Wayne got a platinum accreditation for his most current task, Tha Carter V, on the exact same day.

With her newest platinum certification, it set Nicki on the path to achieving another major milestone– the Queens-bred MC is one million units shy of becoming the first female rap artist to have 100 million systems offered throughout albums, singles and features licensed by the Recording Industry Association of America.

As it stands, she’s currently the very first female artist with 100 entries in the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart, thanks to her appearance on Tyga’s single “Dip,” which debuted at No. 83 on the chart and signified her 100th entry. A Queen certainly.

Nicki Minaj simply dropped her music video for “Hard White,” and let’s simply say there’s a lot to take in the 3-minute, 14-second masterpiece– consisting of, of course, a tip of shade. We’ve come to expect a dash of incredible bars, gorgeous attire, sensational visuals, and a touch of some jaw-dropping shade from all of Nicki Minaj’s music videos. “Hard White” delivers on every product in this winning recipe, since Nicki Minaj shaded Drake in her “Hard White” music video, according to fans on Twitter. It’s been relatively peaceful in between Nicki and Drizzy as of late, so the very subtle jab at the Toronto rapper in her new video absolutely caught the attention of fans.

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to tease the visuals for the single Hard White.


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