Itaggz Review – Video #1 Private Invite – How to Drive 1000’s Of Instagram Visitors

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When Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest billionaire listed on Forbes at just 21 years old, the world was shell-shocked. And what was the platform she used to get her products to the masses? Yep. It was Instagram. Instagram has over 50 times the engagement compared to a typical Facebook post.

So it’s quite obvious to see what businesses are wanting to use it. It works for any industry imaginable, local business e-com, business building, and a whole lot more. Now, we have found what we believe to be the ultimate business model using Instagram. So what we’ve done is put a free presentation together and we’ll just switch over to the computer now and take you through it.

Businesses are screaming to get heard on Instagram and will gladly pay you if you can help them do it. See the amount of likes, comments, and engagement a single post can get? Look at that, over 112,000 likes, but the question is, how do you get your post ranking of the easy way? Look Instagram has 50 years.

Times more engagement/follower on Facebook and the fastest way to rank your post an Instagram is simply by using the correct hashtags. See those little words under a to post. But here is the big problem researching the hottest relevant hashtags that actually work is really difficult. It’s time-consuming and a total pain in the backside and finding the right ones is like searching for a needle in a haystack, but we knew Instagram was too good to ignore and have to find a better way. So we created something out of this world that would revolutionize the way we did Instagram marketing introducing I tags a new tool that works 24/7 and hand you the keys to the kingdom and we are going to hand you the easiest business model on a silver platter. So rather than tell you let’s hop on the computer and show you. Okay, so we’re just logged into the software. And for example, we’re going to put in one of the biggest names in.

Our industry Grant Cardone, so we had searched and we click here and this will bring up all the posts made by Grant Cardone. Now what’s amazing is within seconds we can reorder.

By the amount of comments to see the most of Engagement we can see all the tides. Press play for a preview.

And we can see the exact post and again we can scroll down here and we can see everything that is ranking high now with just a few clicks of the mouse. We can click on these posts.

And we can either download them as a spreadsheet or we can Click Share via email. And what we can do is we can send them as an Excel spreadsheet or we can just email them to ourselves so we can just enter your e-mail here or if you had a virtual assistant or someone to help you with it. You can enter their name there which makes this perfect for each agency owners. So if you don’t want to do the work yourself and get someone else to manage for you there this that option night as well as that we can search via an actual tag. So let’s say put in a common one make money online hit search again the same thing we can add sort by comments. You can see the most engaged comments.

We can see all the hashtags there. We can see the type of other using and we can see the text. And again, we can export everything knowing what is interesting is if you want a truck and see which are the hottest posts we can favor them. So we just click here and this will fit over the post and we can create a new category of we wish for example.

Morning, see if post and that will see if that to your favorites now we can also use existing posts and we can see it posts there.


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