Bonez MC & RAF Camora (featuring GZUZ) – “Kokain” – (produced by The Cratez & RAF Camora)


Published: 13/09/2018

Channel: CrhymeTV

 Tags: 187, 187 Strassenbande, BONEZ MC, RAF Camora, MAXWELL, rap, hiphop, deutschrap, Tannen aus Plastik, SNIPPET, CrhymeTV, strassenbande, gzuz, lx, maxwell, sa4, bonez, raf, camora, ghost, schnapp, marioana, ebbe, flut, palmen, plastik, hamburg, Palmen aus Plastik Tour Blog, BONEZ MC & RAF CAMORA feat. GZUZ – KOKAIN, KOKAIN, Narcos, Narcos Mexiko, Palmen aus Plastik 2, PaP2

 Duration: 5:04

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